exercises for absWhy are our core muscles SO important? Because they have to be strong is to support our spine, keeping us from getting injured in our everyday activities. So let’s take a minute to focus on exercises for abs, or what we can do to strengthen our abdominal muscles. You can go about it the easy way (which won’t actually help). Or take your exercises for abs seriously and start with these workouts for strengthening those ab muscles.

There are many ways to give your abs a good workout. Some exercises for abs may work better for you than others, especially if you have other physical issues that might prohibit you from getting the most out of an exercise. Or might actually do harm to you. That is why we recommend checking with Dr. Hirst or Dr. Roach before you start any exercise routine.

Here are two different websites that will give you some great ideas to get going:

At www.about.exercise.com, these are ten of the most effective ab workouts:

  1. Bicycle Exercise
  2. Captain’s Chair Leg Raise
  3. Exercise Ball Crunch
  4. Vertical Leg Crunch
  5. Torso Track
  6. Long Arm Crunch
  7. Reverse Crunch
  8. Crunch with Heel Push
  9. Ab Roller
  10. Plank on Elbows and Toes

At www.ab-core-and-stomach-exercises.com, there are several different intensity and ability levels of ab workouts.  These are great exercises for everyone from beginner to advanced. You can tailor your efforts to your abilities and strengths.

One more tip from www.livestrong.com tells us that we can engage our core muscles even while we stand in line at the grocery store. Knowing how to engage your muscles while you walk, run, clean, or even sit at work, can make a huge difference in your abs.

There are many different exercises for abs that you can do to strengthen your core muscles. Make sure you choose the ones that are best for you and your ability. And don’t forget, if you get too sore, you can come in and get a massage to ease the pain away.