Trigger Point Injections Trigger Point Injections

Arizona Physical Medicine offers natural pain relief. Trigger point injections treat pain in areas where knots in muscles form because the muscles do not relax. These points can also irritate nerves around them, causing pain in other areas of the body. A local anesthetic and a plant-based pain reliever are inserted into the trigger point to make it inactive and relieve pain. The injection procedure lasts only a few minutes and is considered safe for most patients, with only minimal side effects. Aside from relieving pain, trigger point injections also loosen the muscles that cause the pain, helping with the rehabilitation process.

This treatment is typically administered twice a week for three weeks. To maximize results, injections are combined with other alternative treatment methods such as chiropractic care. These injections have been used for many decades as a natural alternative to the sometimes toxic injections commonly used to relieve pain. It is effective for many patients in treating chronic pain and allowing patients to return to their regular activities.