Tired of feeling run down? Could your diet be getting the best of you? Many people do not get the proper nutrients that their bodies require.

Here is an outline with nutrition suggestions:

General Diet Guidelines

Eliminate or Limit Instead Consume
All processed and refined goods Raw Foods: Fruits, veggies, nuts
Pre-mixed baked goods Make them from scratch
Sugar and candy
Soda and diet soda A lot of water: ½ one’s weight in ounces daily
Alcohol, caffeine and carbonated drinks Decaffeinated green tea
Fruit juices Whole fruit
Lunch meat Lean poultry (white meat) without the skin
Processed meats (hot dogs, etc.) Organic beef and fish
All pork
White flour Whole grains: bulgur, brown rice, bran and oats
Breads, Pasta, Rice Potatoes, Crackers, Cookies, Chips, Tortillas, Cakes
Milk, Dairy Products Use Goat’s Milk, Organic, Lowfat
All Refined Sugars (White Sugars)
Artificial sugars Stevia or “Sugar in the Raw”
Margarine and canola oil Butter
Non-dairy creamers and hydrogenated fats Non-hydrogenated fats: olive, coconut, rice, bran oils
FRIED FOODS RAW, sauté lightly with olive oil, bake
Any known food allergens
WHITE rice, pasta, sugar, bread, potatoes Whole grain bread, pasta, brown rice, yams
Low fat or no fat items (especially with Olestra) Use regular products sparingly
Read ingredients and avoid: any trans-fats, saturated fats, corn syrup, Nutrasweet, Aspartame, Saccharin, Sorbital, and MSG (Monosodium glutamate)

What to Eat

  • Fiber (20-30 grams/day)
    • Rough ground psyllium (supplement)
    • Vegetables, fruits, beans (legumes), complex carbs
  • Vegetables (Organic when available)
    • All fresh vegetables; green leafy vegetables and greens, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, carrots, tomatoes, etc.
  • Fruits (organic when available)
    • All fresh fruits, such as citrus, apples, berries, melons, pineapple, etc.
  • Legumes
    • Dried beans, such as garbanzo beans, black beans, pinto beans, etc.
    • Lentils, green peas, sprouted peas, beans and seeds
  • Complex Carbohydrates
    • Whole grains, pastas, cereals such as brown rice, whole wheat, oats, millet, barley, kasha, cornmeal,
    • grits, polenta, quinoa, etc.
    • Kashi brand (cereals: Heart to Heart, Go Lean, Hot cereals, crackers)
  • Protein Sources
    • Soy products, such as Tofu, soy beans, soy yogurt, soy and mixed protein powders
    • Egg whites
    • Organic meats, lean poultry (chicken, turkey), cold water fish (trout, salmon, halibut)
    • Game meats, grass-fed free range beef, free-range chickens
    • Nuts and beans (legumes)
  • Flavor Additives
    • Balsamic vinegar and olive oil
    • Fresh and dried herbs
    • Nut butters
    • Lime and orange juice
    • Bragg aminos (tastes like soy sauce)
    • Garlic and onion
    • Lemon juices (adds sweet flavor)
  • Basic Supplements (for everyone, regardless of condition) “BARE 5”
    • Greens First: Powered drink with 49 fruits, vegetables, probiotics, herbs, spices to boost energy, promote healthy heart, improve digestion, boost immune system, alkalize and balance pH, support normal blood sugar, fight aging, promote normal cholesterol, assist weight management
    • B-Complex: Excellent for those with high stress, is often depleted by prescription drugs, caffeine, tobacco use
    • Fish Oil: Helps lower cholesterol, stimulates brain activity, helps with depression, reduces pain and inflammation, and helps with inflammatory bowel. Be careful to buy distilled without mercury, led and PCBs/arsenic in it.
    • Magnesium: Helps reduce stress, helps with osteoporosis, heart problems, diabetes, adrenal support, low energy, muscle spasms, and cramps. Recommend Peter Gillham’s Natural Vitality at Sprouts or Hi Health.
    • CoQ10: Helps heart muscle function by supplying cellular energy and oxygen use. Often gets depleted by use of anti-depressants, and high blood pressure and high cholesterol medications.

Lifestyle Changes

  • Chiropractic adjustments to align the spine and restore proper nervous function
  • Acupuncture to re-balance the body’s electromagnetic energy
  • Massage therapy, yoga, and aromatherapy baths can help with relaxation and to improve blood flow to the muscles and to detoxify
  • Limit stress and obtain adequate rest
  • Exercise regularly (both weight bearing and cardio): 20 minutes each day
  • Drink good quality filtered water only
  • Avoid exposure to chemicals – they produce free radical activity, burdening the immune system
  • Avoid use of aluminum and plastic cookware – use stainless steel or glass
  • Stop tobacco use
  • Wear a magnet to protect again electrical pollution