It’s about this time that many of us are in the middle of picking our insurance providers for next year. We are carefully looking over our options, making sure we choose the one that is the best fit for us and our families. What people don’t think about checking on and comparing are the chiropractic services that are covered on their insurance. Some examples of things that we do here at AZ Chiropractic include: massage, Physical Medicine Modalities and Therapeutic Procedures, sports physicals, or relieving pain from an automobile accident.

Even knowing what services AZ Chiropractic can cover, patients sometimes don’t know where to start checking for specific coverage or benefits offered by their insurance company. There are a few different ways to find out what chiropractic services are covered on your insurance, or on the one that you might choose for next year.

First, you can check the paperwork your company has provided you. If it is too vague, go right to the source and call the insurance company. There is usually a phone number listed on your open enrollment forms that is specifically set up to answer questions about what is covered on the plans the insurance company is offering to your company.

Second, you can check with your Human Resources department. Someone there will know the specifics of each plan. If you have already received chiropractic care and you know what services have been performed, it will make the questions easier for the HR person to answer.

Third, if you already have insurance, you can call our office to find out if we are a preferred vendor and what services we cover. If you aren’t currently enrolled in an insurance plan, our office will only be able to tell you whether or not they are a preferred provider for the plans you are looking into.

And in the end, new patients can always come in to AZ Chiropractic for a free consultation and exam with Dr. Hirst and receive a recommended treatment plan.

All of these options will help you be better informed of your chiropractic benefits. So take advantage of them to keep you and your family healthy. Remember, when you are comparing companies and plans, make sure that you keep your chiropractic needs in mind!