Massage in Gilbert, AZ

This is the time of year where we start to see more sports related injuries. Kids will soon be heading back to school and may already be signing up for sports. Now is when you should schedule a sports physical, as well as appointments for massage in Gilbert, AZ.

AZ Chiropractic offers sports physicals and massage in Gilbert, AZ

Even if your child has already received their annual well-child physical, it’s important they also receive a sports physical before they participate in sports or other physical activities. Sports physicals focus on the specific physical requirements kids need to play a sport and make it easier for physicians to identify areas that may be prone to injury.

During the physical exam, we’ll perform an eye exam, check your child’s vitals, cardiovascular system, their joints and flexibility, and review their medical history.

In addition to making sure your child is healthy enough to be involved in school sports, there are also preventative things you can do to keep your child in the game:

  • Have your child warm up properly before any physical activity. Being prepared goes a long way towards being able to stay fit and healthy.
  • Make sure your child alternates exercising different muscle groups so the same muscle groups are not being taxed.
  • Ensure your child cools down properly after exercise or sports.
  • Including stretching exercises in their routine can improve the muscles’ ability to work , which reduces the potential for injury.

AZ Chiropractic not only offers sports physicals, but also chiropractic care, physical therapy, trigger point injection therapy, and massage in Gilbert, AZ as well as at our Phoenix location. We offer a full range of treatment options that traditional doctors may not necessarily have access to and have comprehensive rehab treatments that begin with a free evaluation. All of our doctors at AZ Chiropractic have their secondary licenses in Physical Medicine Modalities and Therapeutic Procedures and include many types of care in their treatment plans.

Sports injuries of any kind are often frustrating, painful, and sometimes debilitating. AZ Chiropractic is your one-stop shop for making sure your children are ready for the sports season. So schedule their sports physical and massage in Gilbert, AZ or at our Phoenix location today.

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