AllergiesSeasonal and environmental allergies affect roughly 20% of the entire nation. For some people it is a simple runny nose and watery eyes, for others it’s a debilitating reaction that can cause patients to miss work, not engage in social activities, and can even be a source of pain and migraines.

You don’t have to live with allergies any longer! You can be tested to determine what you’re specifically allergic to, then receive immunotherapy injections that build up your immune tolerance to those allergens. It’s simple and effective, and best of all, it can all be handled by your family doctor without having to see a specialist. Nearly all commercial and government insurances cover immunotherapy treatment, so everyone can receive the same benefits regardless of what type of coverage they have.

Food sensitivities can cause many similar symptoms as seasonal allergies, and can also contribute to digestive issues, arthritis, headaches and migraines, mood and behavior disorders, skin issues, etc. An IgG food allergy test can help identify the foods that you are sensitive to and is a much faster approach than lengthy food elimination diets.

If you are having any symptoms of seasonal allergies or food sensitivities, consider scheduling an appointment to discuss testing and treatment options.