Healthy Eating

Ask for a to-go container when eating out.

If you have resolved to start eating healthy for the New Year and are intent on improving your health and quality of life through a healthy diet, we have 5 simple steps to help you reach your goals:

1. Recognize your weaknesses

When you know what your weaknesses are, it’s easier to stay away from them. If you find yourself reaching for a doughnut, for instance, don’t buy them. But replace them with an apple or another healthy snack. You’ll be satisfying your sweet tooth as well as your hunger.

2. Make a plan

We’re more likely to follow through on whatever goal we set if we actually create a plan. Exactly how do you plan to eat healthier? List a few things you can do now, including following our tips.

3. Eat fruits and vegetables

We know – you’ve heard this all your life. But it’s because it works! And don’t just eat the same fruits and veggies; change them up and try Brussels sprouts and eggplant instead of only peas and corn.

4. Re-portion your meals

When we eat out, we usually are given enough food for a couple meals. So why not think about every meal eaten in a restaurant like this? When placing your order, ask for a to-go container, too. When your meal arrives, scoop half of it into the container right away so you won’t be tempted to eat it in one sitting.

5. Stay away from fast food

Fast food is processed food that’s filled with unhealthy fat and a lot of sodium, which are bad for you. Cook at home instead to better control what you put into your body.

A New You for the New Year

As long as you’re recognize and address your weaknesses, create a plan, eat lots of fresh produce, take control of your portions, and avoid processed food, you’ll be on your way to eating healthier and feeling better in the New Year.