If you’ve ever been injured in an accident, you’re probably familiar with the term “personal injury”. If you’ve been severely injured, you probably wondered if there was any other kind. Our bodies work extremely hard for us day in and day out, and sometimes it takes an injury for us to realize and appreciate having a healthy one.

No surprise, most personal injuries come from motor vehicle accidents, but they can also stem from work-related accidents or injuries as well. Regardless of how a person becomes injured, it is paramount to see a doctor right away to determine the extent of one’s injuries and create a course back to wellness.

At AZ Chiropractic, we have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating personal injury. We pride ourselves on creating wellness plans for our clients that look to remedy the impairments- be they muscle spasms or decreased range of motion for example- and not only examine, but re-examine our patients at regular intervals during the course of treatment to make sure we are working towards the best possible prognosis. Ultimately, we believe that working in tandem with our patients fosters the best results for everyone.

Often when people think of personal injury cases and chiropractors, they think they will be given a prescription to treat whiplash and a foam neck brace, and then be sent on their way! Nothing could be further from the truth at AZ Chiropractic. Our specially trained doctors on staff will perform a thorough evaluation of the patient and then establish a protocol for treatment. Some plans may include manipulation of the spine and soft tissue therapy for some, or merely exercise and lifestyle counseling for others. Every patient is different, and each person is deserving of an individual plan that will bring them back to optimal health.

So if you’ve been injured in a car accident or have suffered a back or neck injury, come see any of our skilled professionals at AZ Chiropractic and let us help you return to an injury-free life!